Okay so I've been doing research and so far I've found that I have medium texture and the porosity I'm not 100% on because wen I run my fingers up a strand of hair at the end it feels normal and about half way through it starts to make a little squeaky noise. I read a few forums saying that means low porosity which doesn't make sense because I've dyed my hair a lot and it's not super resistant to color at all.
I'm sticky with CG but maybe I'll go back to my old gel that have some cones because it always worked great for me even after I bleached it. I think it was my shampoo and conditioner that was causing frizz before I switched to CURLS. My hair is getting progressively better the more I learn about this! Yay!! Now I just need to know if my hair need protein and moisture or something else..that's what ive gathered from all of the Information.

Thank you for responding!