That's a certain mentality of people for you. I won't go off into saying what that mentality is, but there's something to be said about a group of people who en masse have a hatred for their natural facial features to the extent where that group of people ENCOURAGES chemically changing it.....and its the norm. Going natural should not be considered an anomally. Going natural isn't akin to getting ass injections or a boob job....its a LACK of using a chemical.

Online support isn't enough a lot of times. You have to look at these people can't see us. See if there are other naturals in your school and look for natural hair hair salons..etc in your area. Even a place where naturals buy hair products can be a good place to meet people on the same journey as you. Your a teenager and worst off in high school....these are the years that will be the most vivid to you, and I would hate for it to be an unpleasant one bc of hair. A lot of people wear half wigs when they first go natural to keep their naturalse hair healthy...and they're are many natural appearing ones (go on youtube for reviews) that people blend with their 4a/b hair. Hair sisters has a lot of options available. Don't think of it as you wearing fake hair, think of the wig as protective styling. The less you fool with your hair the better and it will help you retain all your length.

Do NOT get wrapped up in *I can't use xyz* *don't use xyz* advice. Ever. You'll see a lot of it....but all it will have you doing is spending a fortune on hair products just to avoid one ingredient that falls less than 1% on an ingredient list. I would advise you moisturize with a mix of aloe juice and coconut oil...or aloe jel (fruit of the earth maybe) and shea butter as a start. Keep it simple. The aloe will act as a moisturizer and the oil will seal that moisture. Wash with a shampoo that isn't drying to YOU. If you can't find one...use half shampoo and half conditioner mixed together to cleanse your hair.

If it makes you feel better I had people point out my hair was nappy too for a long grew to waist length within three years of me being natural and now tail bone length. Those same people constantly ask for advise and are always admiring.

Also remember ...hatred is a cousin to fear....what I found with people black women in particular is a lot of times the same ones who go out of the way to say they hate your hair or insult you...are doing so because they're to scared and cowardice to go natural themselves. Two months from now TOPS these same people will be hittin you with that "how did you get your hair to curl like that? Oh...I could never go man wouldn't like it/I'm afraid of what it'll look like/ my head ain't shaped for that.

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