A protein treatment could be a good idea, as is a deep conditioning treatment.

There are a lot of CG gels you could try rather than using one with cones in it. If you are using no sulfate cleaners on your hair, the cones in a gel could build up and cause more problems for you. LA Looks and Eco Styler are two that are used a lot around here.

Dying from blond back to brown can turn your hair green, so if you do this, I recommend getting it done professionally. When I did this, many years ago, I had better luck going red first, then brown, but since your hair is already badly damaged, that might not be a good idea.
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Yeah Ive gone from blonde to brown a few years ago and it did turn green! I had to get it fixed by a stylist and it was because the brown I picked had ash in it which was the cause. I do plan to go to a professional to be safe.
What exactly does the build up do that's bad? I mean obviously it's bad but what does it cause? Out of curiosity.
By the way, where can I get LA looks? I've heard a lot about it on this site. Bit the KCCC makes my hair crunchy and no clumping at all, like my curls are small and just not good. So is LA looks like that too?