From what I can tell she already uses gel and clips to smooth it back tightly. Every time I've seen her, all I thought regarding her hair was "Hmm, she has a lot of hair". Other than that, her skills and talent have been priority.

If all that people can muster up to criticize that 16 yr old girl over is her edges not being slicked down enough, then she is doing all the right things. I just really don't understand how a few tweets turned into media coverage? I'm glad I missed all this foolishness. This is the downside to the internet and real-time access/social media. The fact that someone would turn tweeted comments into "news" is mystifying. So many other things out there in the world that warrant coverage imo. Hyping the whole thing up makes all black women look like idiots imo. It's bad enough that we have to deal with the confusion and politics with wearing our hair natural vs relaxed vs weaves. But a [relatively] few people make some comments and now that's the focus in "Black America"?? That's the kind of stuff "we" value as a "people"?! Have a stadium of seats, please.

end rant.
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