I am almost 8mths postpartum and I am also medication for hypothyroidism.

I started losing hair about 2mths postpartum. I am losing multiple handfuls of hair a day......still. I have some bald patches above my eyebrows and my hair is significantly thinner (I can see my scalp through my bangs which had never happened before). I feel like I have lost about 50% of my thickness.

My thyroid levels were checked 5mths ago and they were fine.

I never had this level of hair loss w/ my other kids that I noticed, but I also had a short pixie cut.

What can I do to help it? I am going to call the doctor as well, b/c I am concerned this is too extreme for normal postpartum hair loss.

I was planning on growing my hair out, but it looks so thin.....should I keep it shorter to help it look fuller?
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