I used a different henna for the first time and am pleased with the results. I'm not for sure of the name. It came in a plastic jar and says imported by Baroody Imports. There is a long haired lady looking in the mirror. The only ingredient listed is henna powder and it is from Lebanon.
Anyway, I added EVOO, conditioner, honey, brewed black tea, brewed coffee, and just a little acv. I prepooed with EVoo using heat from a hooded dryer, shampoo with shikakai bar. Then aplied henna.
I let it sit for two hours then washed out. For me two hours is all I like to give henna bc I'm protein sensitive and when I have gone like 3 or 4 hours it took several dcs to get my hair back right. When I rinsed I noticed my grays were more reddish than my other henna which was coppery and very light stain. I like that I can get good coverage in a short time. My hair did feel dry but I had a less difficult time getting the moisture back in by dcing after. Also fairly easy to rinse out.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.