The other ladies who have posted have all given you some really great adice on how to brush them off .. do you... love you... and I second all of it.. so Ill just leave my little bit of two cents.

I went to Howard University and just graduated when I first got them there were ZERO naturals.. like at all... but my freshmen year I tried to go natural and I ended up breaking down due to all the peer pressure and I regret it SOO much... I transitioned again at the end of my Jr year because some how there was a transformation on campus and it started to become more acceptable ( not accepted but acceptable ) and the saddest part about it was because there were certain trendsetters who all of a sudden were popping up with these gloriously long curls and waves then all of a sudden people wanted that and the natural wave was on... so to you...

People have human nature... so if you stick with it and give your hair the time and love that it needs and one day pop up with this glorious and NATURAL beauty.. how much do you want to bet all of sudden people will want what you have. Its sad but true... the very same people picking on you will be going to YOU for hair guidance...its hard now because you are being DIFFERENT.. a REBEL... but you never know what young woman you will inspire to finally let her curls go free and a lot of the time people will lash out in negativity and try to hurt that which is too different from their norm or something they desire but refuse to let themselves fantasize about...

PS... if your BF would say something so hurtful to his WOMAN... girl.. you need a new Man.....#JusSayin

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