Insult to injury... this woman wasnt even a stylist yet she was itching to get her fingers on my head... but a few months back she was looking at my hair in barely concealed horror and said "well do you want me to perm it for you? or you would look FABULOUS In locs..." no offense to those with locs but if I wanted a style that permanent I would have gotten them and theres a reason I went NATUAL in the first place...

I wanted to chew her hand off...Stop touching other peoples hair WITHOUT asking for ONE!

Getting there slowly but surely!

Natural Since the Beginning of January 2011!
Current: Full Collar Bone
Texture: 3B/C & 4A
Goal: APL by New Years 2013

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Current Favs<3 Taaliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream, Vegetable Glycerin and Pure Argan Oil!!!