I wonder what they have to say about Sanya Richards-Ross. I thought she was beautiful but I couldn't believe someone would want to run with all that long hair (or extensions) flowing down her back. didn't stop her from winning though
So... Basically she should be wearing She'naynay wigs to make these ghetto b*tches happy? She's already permed,(or at least straightened) what the hell do they want?

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They want to feel better about the fact that they're 30 and feel unfulfilled about their own accomplishments...and their chemically burnt off stubby ponytails.

"Gel and a brush." Speaking for myself personally, if I used either of those things my hair would break off like crazy. And from all the pizzermed ladies I meet, the ones with stubby ponytails love those things the most.

"She gotta represent." Please. Ya'll need to SIT.

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