Once you get into the CG routine, you should be washing your hair less times a week (I've heard 1-2 is the goal). Which actually works really nice, because unless you play professional sports, its better for your body to take 1-3 days off from working out a week! Its really important to let your muscles heal themselves, or you'll be more prone to injury. For me, on days when I don't wash my hair I pull it back into a ponytail and use an athletic headband (Target has some cheap stretchy ones that have lasted me forever!) or sweatband. After I'm finished, Ill use a refreshing spray with lavender because it cleans and deodorizes hair while helping fight frizz (deva curl makes one, but its on the pricey side so I go for a homemade recipe). I also have thick and coarse 2a-3c hair, so I hope this helps!