Your hair sounds similar to mine...while I always feel like I have found my routine, it always ends up changing...but I would DEFINITELY recommend suave naturals coconut conditioner- it is the one I always go back to and it's like $1.50 and available everywhere! I find its best as a leave in conditioner though.
I also really like l'oreal eversleek reparative smoothing shampoo and the conditioner for like once a week- which are reasonably priced.
Ive had good results with Generic Value Products conditioning balm from Sally's.
Using LA looks sports or wet look or nutra curl gel is good and cheap- if and only if you wait til totally dry before scrunching out the crunch! And sometimes I use Aussie catch the wave mousse on like halfway dry hair
I'm also a huge fan of doing an apple cider vinegar rinse about once a week and always drying my hair with a flour sack towel.

From my hair doesn't like a specific routine- so I rotate through these products regularly and find that's the best trick for my hair. It takes a lot of experimenting as amount used, specific points within your routine used, and application techniques make the world of I usually save all products I try even if they don't seem to work- because they might end up working if I play around with these aspects.

Hope this helps and I wish you luck

3a, s curly, fine hair that hates sulfates, silicones, and Proteins (except for keratin occasionally)!
Hair that freely borrows from 3a/ 3b texture schools. These are the things I use to care for it:
  • Apple Cider Vinegar rinses weekly
  • shampoos occasionally that do not contain sulfates
  • conditioners without silicones or proteins (or so I think- Keratin seems to do ok)
  • Flour sack towel
And I dont even know what else right now...thinking I may need to drop gels altogether...

Currently have Shea Moisture and DevaCurl products that I may just need to give up on and cut as a loss...