If you can afford them, orthotics can make an huge difference. Never ever be in bare feet. When I was suffering with it, I was told to have my running shoes beside my bed. I was told to put them on before putting any weight on my feet. Birkenstocks helped me and so did Croc flip flops in summer. I used the clog looking Crocs as slippers in the cooler months.

My calves were extremely tight. Even after doing Physio, getting orthotics, never walking in bare feet, it took me a long time to get over it. What really helped me was massage. Massaging my calves was painful but very effective. If massages aren't in the budget right now, the foam roller can be very helpful. We incorporated the foam roller into massage therapy when my daughter injured herself recently. Chiropractors, athletic therapists, massage therapist and Physio therapists all seem to recommend them. You can find some good exercises on You Tube. They are not expensive and very effective.

Good luck. Be diligent with stretches, massage (or foam roller) and proper footwear and it will heal. You will have to be patient depending on how severe your case is. It took me 2 years to get over it, but I let it go way too long before realizing what it was.
Type: 3a fine & dense,with normal porosity, terrible product junkie
ROUTINE: LI, enhancer, gel, plop with Curlease towel, serum product (either CIAB or Gel-les'c), clip & diffuse.
Too many favourite products to list ... I finally have my routine that works and alot of products to choose from. My product stash is huge, but well loved !!!