I went to Walgreen's yesterday and looked and looked and could not find that Clairol 3 in 1 mousse! I found the HE one but there were like 3 different HE mousses and I wasn't sure which one to get, LOL.

I'll try CVS instead. My Walgreens just has horrible selection.

On a different note, I really wanted to try a mousse today, so I tried one I had for ages, it was by MOP. Well, it STINKS!!! I hate it. My hair looks so bad, I have to pineapple it. My hair is brittle and dry and crunchy and looks horrid. I sure hope the other mousses don't look like this. If so, i'll be taking them back or swapping them asap!!!
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It's sometimes hard to find. Try the bottom shelf at your supermarket. Or, if you ever order from drugstore.com, they have it too, you can just add it on to your order.
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