Honestly, your OP seems a little more heated than necessary, just in that there are several people on here who have no problem with what people do with their hair, be it cones, be it straightening, perms, what have you. This forum is just not geared toward people who regularly straighten, since it's a forum for curlies.

There are those who get judgmental - I am Mod CG and I once in a while run into someone who thumbs their nose at me for that. I also use MO in my hair, and I've had people jump on me for that. But the majority of people are really supportive and accepting and just want to support each other on bad hair days, and get advice and learn techniques, etc.

Remember this is a site for people with curly hair, especially those who have gone natural, so the posts are going to be voiced in that direction.

I do agree with you that you may run into a few people on here who think their way is the only right way - but that happens EVERYWHERE in life!

It is funny how some people have a problem with someone straightening their hair, but no problem with coloring it!

Everyone has a right to wear their hair as they like. The people I know who have an issue with constantly straightening typically feel that a person is denying herself, possibly her ethnicity, and trying to fit into a box of what others see as "looking good". But they have the right to straighten their hair, even if that IS the reason. (and that's not always the reason, as you said!)

In general I'm tired of extremist negativity, from both sides of this and any issue. People just seem so unhappy these days.
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