hi! i was wondering.......is the curly girl process of wash and style a daily thing? cuz my hair takes forever to dry...i'll be dripping all day everyday lol!
are you to following the wash process everyday? if not, what is the daily (day to day) routine? HELP!
ps. i'm only on week one day 3
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You don't have to co-wash everyday if your hair is longer. You can "pineapple" your hair. Natural Hair: My Nighttime Routine -The Pineapple - YouTube

I co-wash daily because my hair super short (just big chopped) and when I wake up it is smashed to my head. Trying to mist does nothing for my hair. LOL However, I'm noticing that my hair is becoming more moisturized (yay). Been on CG since 07/24/12. I shampoo once a week with Nature's Gate (sulfate free/silicone free).
3C, CG Method, Low porosity, Low density, Medium Width

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