One thing that works for a lot of people is to use a light conditioner instead of shampoo. We've used Suave Coconut Conditioner on my DD's hair (she's 11 now) for years and it works great. It seems to have enough surfactants in it get the hair and scalp clean. (Though you might need to clarify to remove buildup from time to time depending on what else you're putting on your hair).

That plus leaving in your conditioner instead of rinsing it out may make a big difference.

Everyone's hair is so different you just have to experiment and see what your hair likes. You don't need to buy a lot of expensive products made for special types of hair. There are plenty of moisturising products on the grocery store shelves so it's a question of finding what works for you. Natural oils like coconut oil and olive oil work for a lot of people, too. Have fun experimenting.

My DD does her own hair now and the most challenging part is the detangling (she uses a goody brush with hard white nylon bristles, which works really well) but she's got the hang of it and it looks great, especially if she can manage not to touch it! Her hair loves insane amounts of conditioner and just soaks it all up--never gets weighed down. Mine would be a limp mess if I followed her routine. Everyone is different!