Recently, I tried CJ CQ + BRHG as a substitute for CJ CIAB + SS FHG and had very nice results. My combo:


There was only a tiny bit of frizz when it dried, so I scrunched in a little CJ aloe fix gel as a sealant, and then scrunched that out once it dried. I had very nice results!

I don't care for CJ CQ in low dews - too much protein, I suspect - but I was surprised how well it worked in high dews.

Next time, I want to try this combo without the BRHG (since I just used a dab anyway), and see how my hair holds up. The added aloe fix gel to seal might suffice for the extra hold I need.

I'd also like to try this again with regular CCCC instead of CCCC lite, and see if there's a difference.

Anyone else using (and liking) CJ CQ in high dews? If so, how are you using it?
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I have had good luck using CJ CQ this past summer (there have been days I've had experiments go badly and the only thing that saved my hair was Curl Queen). I use a good bit of it (probably 2-3 small palmfuls) and scrunch that throughout my hair. I then scrunch a 50:50 mix of AIF+BRHG and diffuse.
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