Here we have Dora enjoying the duplexing printer. You can see a little bit of DoodleBug watching her in the window at the beginning.
100_1962.MOV - YouTube

Dora waiting for me to print again, she fell asleep that way:

She knows damn good & well there are some leaves in that bucket for her.

Dora patrolling the porch:

Hedwig is about to roll in the dirt & gravel:

Hedwig playing cards (she always gets her own stool):
Originally Posted by missbanjo
awesome pics. LOVED the video
Originally Posted by coilynapp
Loved the video, too - kept expecting her to grab at the papers, LOL.

But why can I not see any pictures?? It's totally blank above - for me.

ETA: well, now that I asked, I can see Hedwig and the flowers in the quote box, but that's the only one
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