I am just starting to try something along these lines myself. I want to see if I can figure out how to not use gel, because gels can be so problematic (build-up, frizz, breaking up clumps, etc.). This is scary for me because I've put gel in my hair ever since starting CG (and even before) thinking I had to with a 2c pattern - but my initial results are way better than I expected. So far I've tried KCKT (just ok, my hair started to get pretty poofy after a few hours), Tresemme Naturals moisturizing (pretty good), and Shea Moisture smoothie (loving this one). I also love the SM curl milk in general, and that's what I want to try as my only styler next. I love SM products because they can be used in so many ways - as RO, LI, styler, or put more in for a DT, etc etc. Very natural ingredients too.

I first tried this on a whim when I had nowhere to go, and was amazed at how curly my hair was! I think the gel was kind of smothering it a bit. A year into CG, and I feel like I'm still such a newbie sometimes, but it's fun to discover new things.