Hi all!

I am new to the forums here. I have been on this site before and have looked around but I guess I didn't look far enough. I didn't realize there were forums! I'm glad I found them though.

I'm on this site to mainly get help with my daughters hair. (I have relaxed hair that I hate doing). She is 4a, maybe 3c. She is four, but I am just now (as in less than a month ago) trying to really do her hair and keep it done. I know how to do some weaves and cornrolls but not really anything suitable for a child. I'm working on it though.

I've bought a few products but so far I haven't found anything that will control the huge amount of frizz. So anyway, that's the beginning of my story. I'm thinking I found the right place. I already have a few threads bookmarked that I want to read.