I wanted to try it because I know banana can have positive results with hair and skin care due to natural ingredients that lie within them. I read the posts on here and was turned against it almost but decided to try anyways, regardless if it turned out to be a hassle. I mashed my bananas manually so there was a lot of pulp that remained in the mixture. I added egg, milk and extra virgin olive oil. Stirred it all together and literally dumped it on my head. Massaged it in from the root to tip and left it for a good hour. Mind you I have extremely long hair... Moderately thick, also. Now this may not help non-poo users, but for those who remain to use shampoo this is how you resolve the pulp remains in your hair. First wash it, I washed mine once.. I don't like to over wash my hair because of the alcohol that is an ingredient in 90% of shampoos. After that take conditioner and massage it throughout your hair as good as you can.. Take a brush to get rid of the bigger tangles that you can't avoid and brush them out. Now here's the trick, take a very fine toothed comb and from root to tip comb it out and rinse the comb every single time.. if you don't rinse it, it will just put the pulp right back in there. Taa Daa.. Now as far as the bathtub drain.. mine wasn't so bad. But I can't help you guys there.. But let me tell you.. afterwards, oh my gosh.. your hair is super soft and basically frizzless. Hope this has helped any of you.