Hi Bonnie
a quick reply to your message, all I can do is give you my (so far) foolproof tips for finding a decent hairdresser:

a. try and find one who has curly hair herself, curls that look great and well cared-for (this is the hard part!) - you want to find a hairdresser who LOVES curls and does not panic in the face of them

b. ask them about their approach to cutting hair. Please see my response to the previous poster above. If they say that they thin out the hair in any way shape or form, run for your life. They may not say 'thinning' exactly - they will probably disguise it by saying that they 'lighten up' the curls or 'take out some of the weight' - don't believe it for a minute, it means exactly the same thing - they thin it and take the life out of your hair. Unless you like it like that. In my experience so far (3 years of growing out 3B curls from straightened hair, with a huge amount of bungled expensive haircuts in there) - in my experience, the best cuts DO NOT thin out the hair, they like to cut it dry, and they only take out the ends or whatever it takes to shape, not thin.

c. general tip, do not comb you hair, and load it with moisturiser (as you would know from this website :-))

Hopefully you can transform Boof into Beauty, best wishes :-)