I didn't want to use Rogaine because I didn't want to make that commitment or have my edges revert back to their previous state. I had been lurking online for months, stalking reviews and raves of JBCO. This was the post that finally convinced me to try it: How I Helped my Mom Regrow her Edges in 5 Months | Black Girl with Long Hair.

The pictures speak the truth. I've been using it nearly everyday since April and my edges have grown in much thicker. Nearly right away too. I'm compulsive about taking pictures to track the progress. I apply a drop or two and massage it in daily. I've been slacking lately but seeing this thread reminded me to start it up again.

I want to try it in the OCM to clear up my skin. However, I did notice breakouts along my hairline, but that could be from my satin cap trapping my pores.