Hi everyone, I am the owner of ellenoire Boutique and Curly Hair Salon in Dundas. Just FYI, we have been cutting curly hair for 2.5 years and selling DevaCurl for 9 years. Everyone on staff is trained in the DevaCurl cutting method and we always cut hair dry according to the Curly Girl method. As well as our full time stylists, Lorraine Massey's former assistant comes as a guest stylist every 3 months to cut hair for us.
We brought the product line to Canada 9 years ago and sell more than anyone else in the country. If you have any curly issues whatsoever please let us know if we can help! 905 627 9379 is our phone number, email me at ellenoire@ellenoire.com or visit our website at ellnoire: Indulgence for Bath, Body and Home.
I am a Full on CG myself and would never go back...
Cheers! Noelle
Wash: The occasional DevaCurl NoPoo
CoWash: Hot Water & scrubbing, then DevaCurl One Condition or DevaCurl Heaven in Hair
Condition: DevaCurl OneCondition, or DevaCurl Heaven in Hair
Deep Condition: DevaCurl Heaven in Hair at least once a week
Styling: DevaCurl ArcAngel, lots and lots of it on really drippy wet hair then a quick blot w/ Aquis Towel
Drying: Clipped, or hidden Bobby Pins in Crown and Natural Dry or DevaSunDryer or Hood Dryer