Well, I've never had my hair chemically straightened but for the last year, I was hot combing my hair for at least 2 times/month. I realised that my ends were dead straight from all the damage so I stopped and started the CG method to get my curls back. I actually did a protein treatment this week and I just don't know if my hair has benefitted from it or not. I used 1 egg, honey, mayonnaise and olive oil. Did I do something wrong because I didn't feel/see a difference?
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Hmmm I'd think you'd notice even a little difference if it needed it.

Maybe due to heat damage they will take a while to start showing their curl again. I know my ends were incredibly straight for the first few weeks of going CG because I flat ironed them all the time prior. They still aren't as wavy/curly as my canopy or regrowth but they are getting better. I have been thinking about doing a BC for a whole now.

Maybe doing a DT too to see if anything helps? Mine really perked up after that as well. You might have better luck posing your question in the 4 forum too. I'd just ask about your ends and see if anyone else has a similar problem and they might have posted under a different phrase.

I know that heat damage recovery can take a while for some wavies and curlies so don't fret!

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