I have been natural three years with 4a/c hair ( extremely kinky) and tried every product trust me! My experiences have taught me that:

Shampoo in any form is no good for type 4 hair period, no matter how gentle or sulfate free it claims to be.

Co washes are a must, suave coconut conditioner is a great and cheap option, I don't detangle until after I have conditioned my hair and about to dry it, I comb as little as possible and use my fingers while cowashing in the shower

Do not do twist outs on wet hair, will come out frizzy and dry

I recently purchased the Nexxus pro- mend conditioner and leave in treatment due its claim to fix split ends immediately and I am in shock over how soft and manageable it left my hair immediately! I think type 4hair is highly prone to splits and will make your hair clump together and break off because it's so dry. With this product, it fixes it immediately, and leads to wonderful twistouts,I love the result. Please try it