Note: I have 3c-ish 3b-ish curly Q's, that are light brown and blonde.

The nicest thing EVER was when I was at camp, and this girl had the prettiest hair ever! Long and dark, flat ironed hair, but it really shocked me when she said she loved mine and my sisters hair and the color

And whenever I wear it curly, my family compliments it so much, my friends play in it, (I don't mind), my very beat friend said she wanted hair like mine, and best of all, my dad's girlfriend , (she's white) said she loved my curls!! Even though it was Messed up that day haha.

But what's weird is when people stare at me :/ because I have a dark tan, (I'm naturally a light caramel) and I have hazel/green eyes and curly hair.. It's kind of offensive when this one girl asked if my eyes were real because I'm so dark