Here's what I'd like from Sage right now. I would probably get it all (minus the rhassoul...maybe one) if I were gainfully employed but times are
Darcy's botanicals pumpkin conditioner-1
Darcy's botanicals sweet cocoa bean leave in-1
Darcy's botanicals deep conditioner-1
Camille rose algae deep conditioning mask (I know I was mad at them but that stuff was bomb)-2
Oyin handmade juices-2 of each
Oyin handmade honey hemp conditioner-2 16 oz
Qhemet Biologics cocoa tree detangling ghee-3
Anita grant peppermint babassu poo bar-1
Anita grant kelp and ylang ylang poo bar- 1
Anita grant rhassoul block- 2 (

I've tried everything on this list except the Darcy's botanicals stuff.

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