I really like it too. I'm on my 3rd bottle

The Yes to Carrots Pampering conditioner is pretty awesome too, but I heard they changed the ingredients. I'd have to take another look to make sure it is cone free.

Otherwise, I swear by mostly DEVA stuff. I always try the cheaper stuff and always come back to DEVA + my TJ TT. I just wish the TJ's shampoo was sulfate free...it still has a small amount, per the ingredients.
Current routine:
DEVA No Poo, as a shampoo and conditioner in one (can be used on dry hair to remove build up, then wet hair and complete washing process).

DEVA One Conditioner or TJ Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner as a co-wash (1 - 2X a week)

DEVA light gel & volumizing mousse on very wet hair, scrunch with a microfiber towel

Diffuse with duck clips



*Low porosity
*Low hair density
*Fine hair, but lots of it