i have 3c type curls and i started using as i am and its awesome stuff!!!!

AS I AM Cleansing Pudding- I love this it smells heavenly and not too strong it looks like a cream but its a sulfate free shampoo. It glazes very nicely over your hair, easy to distribute so a little goes a long way. Very light lather. The only negative thing I could say is that in the directions it says that you can detangle your hair after leaving the lather in a couple minutes....uhhhhh not so much for me anyways. I couldn't possibly get a comb through my hair but it does cleanse very gently and hair doesn't feel rough afterwards.

AS I AM Coconut Co-wash- I like this actually better than the cleansing pudding just because its a quicker fix. I can detangle my hair super easy with it and I love the smell, leaves my hair super soft.

AS I AM Hydration Elation- I can say I was a bit dissapointed with this product, I thought it would work better with my hair, it comes in a smaller tub and is very thick which I assumed it meant that it was concentrated. The first time I used it I didn't see any difference in my hair , but then I thought maybe I didn't put enough or didn't leave it in long enough. next time i did like i usually deep condition sectioning my hair saturating it in conditioner and combing it out, i put a plastic cap on and spent he whole day with it and washed it out at night..it felt more hydrated but not a humongous difference

AS I AM Leave-in Conditioner- loved it, great for detangling!

As I AM Twist Defining cream- i used it on my braid outs and twist outs work on wet or dry hair and dryed soft not oily and with great soft hold