I found one I want to link! It's a really short sketch about a pizza delivery, parkour style, with a minimum of random flips or cartwheels (I only counted one!):

Pizza Delivery - YouTube

I like it!
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I'll watch it. My phone service has been so spotty the past 2 days, due to weather and location, so I can only watch when I have a break in thick cloud cover. It's too slow otherwise.

I was thinking parkour is almost like a modern day flying, as far as symbolism goes. Part running, jumping and soaring. Nifty.

And the ring was beautiful. I loved it, and hated parting with it the day I sold it. No way I could ever afford something like that, so someone might as well enjoy it. Luckily no one purchased my second favorite, while I was there. A long aquamarine beaded necklace. The cut on each bead was so beautiful and they all sparkled. Sigh. $800. I still want that necklace.

Last night I dreamt about my cousin leaving his wife, for two different women. It was two different dreams, and IRL his wife is great friends with both. My cousin was actually in a long relationship with one, many years ago. My cousin in law was hysterical, and so was there toddler. It was pretty sad.

I also had dreams about attending a wedding, perhaps. I Some type of large function that involved my cousin who left his wife, and I had to stay in a creepy insane asylum/nursing home. It was the only place large enough to house all the guests and we were on the floor with the nursing home. Some weird guy kept following me to the showers which where stained with what looked like blood.

That was odd.

Worn out iPhone. Need I say more?
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??