Thank you rbb and others for sharing your stories about accepting your grey/silver curls. I'm not ready yet, but seeing how pretty it looks on all of you is inspiring.

How long did you wait before you stopped coloring; like what % grey were you (sorry if that's been answered already, did not backtrack through whole thread)?

I recently turned 40 (happy bday to me!) and am about 5-10% silver so far, and I started coloring about a year ago. I'm not getting my roots done obsessively at this point (more because I can't afford than because I'm accepting it). I am a little worried that people will stop thinking I look so "young" if I stop coloring. People tend to be surprised that I'm over 30. I think my dyed hair looks very natural still.

I am jealous of my friends with light hair because their grey just looks like highlights. On my dark hair, I still think it looks weird. :/
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