"How long did you wait before you stopped coloring; like what % grey were you?"

diaspora -- i colored my hair for years, i think about 20+. i wanted to stop, but did not want to deal with the transition. i thought about it and talked about it for 8 years before i took the plunge.
i knew i would at some point as i would look at older women and see how bad their dyed hair made their face look.
i was about 85% white/gray when i stopped. i still have natural black hair at the underneath bottom of my head. my sister was salt and pepper when she transitioned so it was a little easier.
i was sorry i ever started (my ex hated the grays.... so i thought i should color. alone, i would not have. but i did. so i stopped. now my daughter is graying as i did, but she is not coloring her hair. think she saw what i went through, plus her husband is very supportive of her grays, thinks my dye-free hair is great.
i think what makes people look old is how they wear/care for their hair, rather than the color. altho, i personally do think after a certain age chemically colored hair is a mismatch for your skin and that ages you. my personal opinion.
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