I have a few questions about my natural hair journey
Its my third time me trying the natural proccess but i finally realized that my hair was much more healthier natural then relaxed. The last time i went natural was the longest time going with it before I lost it and relaxed it again. I grew it out for about 8 months. then my ex convinced me to perm it since it grew great lenghts. the dumbest miskake i have made. i regret it but I trying for it again. But back to the question. I really dont have a specific curl type. I remember as it grows out it changes to about three. One thing I do know is that it is extrememly thick. I have no clue what products to use to keep my hair moisturized. Every product I have tried my hair absorbs it in minutes and I havent even gotten that far yet. I really need somebodies advice about this. i dont wanna give up on my journey. I wanna stick to it.