My hair length is similar too yours,maybe a bit longer. i wore afro and medium length hairstyles which didnt go below my chin for years and frankly although i loved it,rocked it and it suited me it consumed too much of my time with no second hair days,every day washing,stressing out on bad hair days etc. so i decided to let it grow.
Now im facing the phase where im unable to just let my hair out like that because im unable to pull out any particular hairstyle cuz my bangs,and hair around my temple is quite long so it just completely covers my face.
90% of the time i just wair my hair in a ponytail or a bun because its the only satisfiying hairstyle for me at the moment, from time to time i pull the front hair back with a thin hairband and let the back flow but i must use allot of product to tame and define the curls.