I've had a quick look at your succesful CG regime so far. Wondered how often you washed/co-washed. Have just started the journey, think I'm 4b but have dry, crispy and frizzy hair in the morning and have to wash or spritz to revive my curls. Any tips as I don't really want a soaked? (using Aubrey Honeysuckle Rose cond and their B5 gel). Your hair looks fab by the way...
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Thank you do very much for the compliment! One tip could be not using gel in the length of your hair. I usually only apply gel to my egress to lay them down but conditioner only on the length of my hair. Same as you, I did spritz my hair down every morning with either water or Jane Carter Revitalizing Leave in Conditioner. Sometimes, I use both. I spray the water first let it soak into my hair for about 5-8 min then shake it out never touching my hair then do the same with the Jane Carter.

Please check out my videos in YouTub. My my username is Tots5678 to check out my refining and see how I do my hair!

Thanks again for the compliment & checking out my journey!