I'm still in the beginning of the CG routine but so far this seems to work for me:

co-wash (daily) with either Suave coconut or VO5 vanilla mint

RO: GVPCB, or Tresseme or whatever I feel like using (I have wayyyyy to many to choose from!)

then I plop, get dressed, drink my coffee, make lunches, etc....and when my hair is not drippy wet anymore, I use a blob of GVPCB as my LI.

The past two days I used Biotera Gel after the GVPCB and I loved how my hair curled and looked fpr the day - maybe it was a fluke...I'll keep trying things out

I HATE drippy conditioner-y hair dripping on my skin and shirt - so using GVPCB on plopped hair works best for me - because its so non-watery.