How do curl sealers work? Afraid to do yet another step for my hair, since all I do is apply gel after rinsing out my conditioner. I never use leave-ins - they just make my hair limp.
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If your hair goes limp with LI, I'd say stay away from olive or coconut oil, in that they penetrate the hair shaft.

If you are condish only styling, sealing after condish would be fine. Most people put it in over there LI anyhow.

And once again - I have to sing the praises of mineral oil! As a sealer it is unmatched!!
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Lo-poo - Renpure Keratin, SMR, Giovanni SaS
clarifying - mix Johnson's H2T with low poo
Co-wash - Suave Nats. clar. or coco.
RO - GVPCB, Ion Eff. Care, TN.
LI - SMR, Cure Care, or RO
Seal - MO or Jojoba
DT - + honey, ACV, & EVOO to SM masque & GVPCB
PT - Gelatin!, CNPF
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