OMG, i had such weird dreams last night!!

the first one reminded me of scenes straight out of 1984 or Mockingjay...

i was trying to escape from people trying to catch me, hiding in a closed store at night. the soldiers or police were shouting to each other that the resistance members would try to use the crowd in the square to hide and they had to be careful not to let them get away.

somehow i found myself outside on the edge of a crowd of people watching a modern dress performance of Jesus Christ Superstar. i could see the police watching the crowd, so i just joined the actors on the stage and started singing along with them. a few of them looked at me strangely, but no one gave me away and i got "backstage" to the building they were using as a dressing room. i ran through the building and found myself in an office where a woman i used to work with was working and i told her i needed to get out of the city fast.

she took me outside where it was now daylight to a station where they had flying bus and taxi transports. we sat in one of the taxis, we were in front of the driver instead of behind, and took off.

as we were flying across the square, the police spotted us and shot our driver. the flying taxi literally spiralled down and i woke up as we hit the ground.


when i got myself back to sleep, i found myself with my mother making tea in the kitchen of a place we lived in over 30 years ago. i took the tea out to the living room where we had 3 refugees from some non-existent country sitting on the sofa. the only one who spoke English told us he needed to contact his cousin who lives in Toronto.

we looked the cousin up in the phone book and his name was there, but the phone number was strange and when we dialed it, it reached a prison in Mexico. after we hung up the phone, the young man told me he needed to get a message to President Obama. the president just happened to be coming to Toronto that day.

the next thing i knew, we were both all dressed up waiting at the auditorium where the president was speaking. we saw the entourage come in and the young man went over to them. he said something to one of them and the person looked alarmed and then hurried him off. i went to follow, but a secret service person shook his head at me and pointed at the door to the auditorium.

i went inside and found a seat next to some journalists. they were all trying to figure out what the president was going to talk about. suddenly another woman runs up to us and says that the speech is being moved to another location. she looks at me and says they don't know where it is because they're from out of town and can i help them find the Eaton Auditorium.

we all run out to their car and we're out in the country someplace. we start driving to the city on back country roads and we reach a crossroads where there's a store. one of the women says we have to stop, she's feeling dizzy and we pull up and she runs inside. the other two women ask me if i know where this place is.

i have to tell them i've never heard of it just as the other woman comes back to the car. we start driving again and i'm texting my friend Melissa asking her to tell me where the Eaton Auditorium is. the sun is setting *very* quickly as we reach the city. Melissa sends back a message saying she's never heard of the place and how soon do i need to know. i text back that she has one hour.

it's now dark and foggy and i have no idea what city this is. we drive down one street and there's a big convention centre and hotel on our left and i tell the person driving to pull in there. when we reach the parking lot, we all jump out and start heading in different directions to look for this place for the speech.

i go out through a door and it's daylight again. the door exits through a laneway where the convention centre is on one side and there are apartments with their balconies hanging over this laneway. i weave through the balcony supports out to the street.

across the street is a restaurant in a big, old Victorian house with a round porch out front. the porch has been enclosed to provide more seating. i run inside and ask everyone where the Eaton Auditorium is. the bartender tells me i'm in the wrong place and points out the other door.

as i run outside, i wake up again...

strange how the human brain works at times!

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