I officially started my transition 3 months ago, but I've been post relaxer since October. From October to december I would flat iron my hair. From December to May I kept my hair in sew-in with the front of my hair out so I would flat iron it. My hair has always been very thick, but the problem I am having now is when I shampoo for hair it's fine, but when it's time to condition my hair theres a HUGE problem. It's like I have to use the whole bottle for it to do anything to my hair. The products I use are Creme of Nature, I moisturize my hair daily with organic carrot oil, but because of the thickness of my hair I can go through the whole container within a week, idk what to do because my hair looks dry, but when I can touch it I feel the products. (carrot oil and organic grow stimulating oil). What am I doing wrong?!? Oh yeah and I also wash my hair and deep condition weekly, and treat my hair with protein every other week.