"I would say that 98% of the women I've seen who have chosen to go gray look MUCH better with their natural color than they ever did with the dye."

Maybe where this poster was was the case, but all I know is that when I lived near Santa Fe, I saw legions of women who were very determined about "going natural" and got it confused with giving up on their appearance altogether. For example, since they were letting their hair go grey, they also gave up on any decent haircuts whatever the length, and also nary a drop of moisturizer or makeup either. A friend of mine who lives in the area theorized that many women come to Santa Fe after the divorce and totally divest themselves of anything that reminded them of before, so that might have something to do with it. She might be right about that, as so many women were in Santa Fe to find themselves one way or the other. But so many of these people would have looked better with at least a trim, if not some flattering color, as many had complexions that simply looked awful with the grey. A few did have nice silvery hair, but not all that many.
Lest all of this sound like I'm just caving to the beauty industry and anti-grey totally, I do envy people who do look lovely with their silver hair and hope that I come to a time when it will look good on me. That just happens to be not quite yet. 20 years ago, I tried growing it out when I had less grey, but the longest I held off without hitting the bottle again was 4 months. Maybe I should have stuck it out back then because the grow-out process will be far more difficult in the future at such time when I decide to do it. But what influenced me not to stick it out was going and trying on varying grey wigs ranging from lightly salt-and-pepper all the way to full grey, and they all looked bad on me colorwise.