Eventhough it has silicone in it- which my hair usually HATES...I have found my dream mousse and it is super cheap and I think regular acv rinses will take care of the cones...SUAVE CAPTIVATING CURLS WHIPPED MOUSSE!!!! Must follow directions on the can...I have had absolutely marvelous results!!! And it's only $3

3a, s curly, fine hair that hates sulfates, silicones, and Proteins (except for keratin occasionally)!

Daily- suave naturals coconut conditioner as was out and leave-in
Devacurl be'leavein and archangel sometimes, other times suave captivating curls whipped mousse (which I know has cones, but has been working amazingly well despite this?!?! )

Occasionally (1-2 times/week)
Shampoo- l'oreal eversleek reparative smoothing shampoo
Conditioners- GVP conditioning balm and Millcreek Botanicals jojoba conditioner
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Completely agree about the suave mousse!!! After reading NUMEROUS fantastic reviews I picked up a bottle for $2 at walmart and OMG! bouncy super defined frizz free spirals! All I need to use is a leave in conditioner and this! A bonus is that this causes hart never dry crunchy and a leeeetle bit goes a looong way! Once when I used it I accidentally put waaay too much and my hair dried with only the tiniest bit of crunch which I scrunched out in literally a second love this mousse!