Actually I do have trouble getting my curls to look good but I haven't figured out a routine that gives me consistent good hair days when it comes to my curls. But when I do get those good hair days I LOVE them all I was saying is when I don't want to take chances with having a bad hair day I will straiten it. But if I ever nail down a 'routine' that works I'll probably will not straiten it much if any. I actually broke a 9 month period of only wearing my hair curly...
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I hear you completely. I went out on a HUGE limb for my wedding day a few months back and wore it natural as opposed to my safe straightening. It was a big deal to my mom because I had just started going CG and wearing my natural curl pattern so she was nervous for both of us! I had planned for weeks and I almost bailed on the day before. I was looking at styles that required straight hair!

But with a little encouragement from my mom and husband, I went with it and was happy. It was a lucky day that I got consistent curls and waves all over! I still have random wonky days like today. It's all tied up in a bun now due to weirdness.

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