Yes, but the dews aren't high today and I'm inside in an air-conditioned office.

If I were going to be outside in higher dews, I would mix in some KCCC or BRHG (hope I got those acronyms right - some harder hold gel).

Another product I got great curls with was AG: recoil. I'm going to be experimenting with that. Have you tried it?
ETA the AG is a sort of curl cream but different from other ones that I've used.
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Yes, I've tried the Recoil. Funny, it seemed good at first but then seemed to be too heavy/greasy. My hair can usually take oils and emollients really well. It started feeling "producty" after a while. So, I got tired of trying to figure it out.
I've been using BB's FSG and Mudd and LOVING them both!! Our dews are usually low..I think the highest has been in the 50's this summer. I want to try out the Deva Foam but don't want to buy a whole bottle and it not work for me. I'm really liking the simplicity of one "styling" product this summer and hope the same products work in the winter. I don't need another styler but just can't help myself .
Honestly, BB's products and another FSG I found at etsy are working fabulously. I had a list of stuff I still wanted to test out, but noT so much anymore.....except the Deva (I've always liked Deva products). Plus, it's something I can order at
I like to have a few products that work consistently just in case one is ever discontinued, thus, the search for a mousse that works for me.