Two that really stick out to me-
1. This boy in my form makes 'afro' comments every single day. One of the less offensive ones being 'Can I borrow your afro?'
Now, what's just stupid about that is that I've got about Type 3 A/B hair. Nowhere near an afro.
2. Another was, when a picture came up on the SmartBoard in class of a girl with beauiful long, curly hair (It was Spanish and we were learning about how to describe our hair) a girl said 'You see that one with the frizzy hair?' that looks like MyName.
Stupid things about this- 1. That girl had beautiful hair, not frizzy in the slightest. 2. She was blond, she had green eyes and tanned skin. She looked nothing at all like me. She was defining me by my hair, as usual.