I'm frustrated with my tummy. It's still so jiggly and doesn't seem like its firming up at all. It's my biggest trouble spot too.

Has anyone seen tummy progress with the shred? How long did it take for results?
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I wrote this, right?

Seriously, this is me. It is too my biggest trouble spot, and its big and jiggly.

It makes me so frustrated. Right now it's my obsessive focus. But then I know if it wasn't there I'd make my back, or my arms the obsessive focus.

No, haven't seen any firming, but then again I haven't seen much of anything. I am starting to believe that I'll never be completely comfortable with my trouble spots short of surgery.

I was doing the shred level 1 yesterday and I was noticing that some areas do look smaller, maybe more tone, but my stomach still hangs like a bag of dough. I'm not expecting miracles. I've had 2 kids and my tummy just didn't go back very well.

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