When I was young I wasn't teased about my hair being curly but actually for it being straight. Mostly people made strange comments because they were surprised it looked good.
My mom would wash, blow dry and press my hair with a curling iron once a week. Every morning before school, she'd take the curling iron and fix any parts that had gotten messy while I was asleep. My hair was always shiny and flowing and I loved it, but other black girls in school tortured me over it.
From grade school until high school I was told my hair looked too good so it must be a weave. Sometimes they would pull my hair saying they wanted to make sure. Or that I was white washed because when their hair was straight it didn't look like mine (theirs actually looked kind of greasy) and because I didn't "talk like them." Even adults would ask me if I was mixed, like that was the only way my hair could possibly look nice.
I am now a proud curly in college, but every once in a while I'll straighten my hair and the comments return. It took a long time but I've learned to shake it off. I believe Hetty from NCIS said it best... "Haters gonna hate." =D
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