Rou, now that's an eyelid movie Packed full of interesting and intriguing.

And might I say, Viva La Resistance!

Aw, Jeep. Being completely misunderstood by people you like and thought halfway knew and liked you, in a place you like... that's no fun. I hate waking up and feeing like I need to do something because of my dream.

The End is Nigh...

Would sum up my dream last night. It was very apocalyptic. I was running around helping set up some make shift communications centers, with my shift supervisor, after some type of catastrophic event. It was mainly to communicate with other members of emergency services. I remember thinking not having to answer 911 lines in this situation was at least one good thing. I in no way wanted to deal with the remaining general public over a telephone.

Someone was scouting structurally sound locations for us and these make shift communication centers were hidden in buildings full of bats and rats and roaches. We had paper, pens and 2 pieces of equipment that actually functioned. Hand held radios/walkie talkies.

Everything was bombed out, covered in dirt and ash, dark and the people I saw were hiding wherever they could find shelter.

We got settled into an auto mechanic's garage. Some woman was standing outside of the door, talking absolutely out of her mind, as we shut it. I felt horrible but we were told not to allow anyone in. It was a matter of safety and security. I woke up after that.

Worn out iPhone. Need I say more?

I wish my phone would freeze up, after a phone call, when I'm trying to post Here's hoping this works...
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??