Here's some pictures from today. I tried the Icequeen method again after having horrendous results in the past. I was definitely impressed this time though! You can't really tell, but throughout my hair there's a ton of kinky, 3c-ish patches. For some reason this method made them come out much more than normal....
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OH MY GAWSH! Don't take this the wrong way but Dang can I steal your hair?!?! Do people sit behind you and pull the curls and giggle? Cause they do it to my hair and it isn't even as spirally as yours
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Hey thanks . I love your curls in your avatar, they remind me of a friend of mine's wavy curls that I loooooove.

Sometimes people play with my hair. I don't mind as long as they don't RAKE. One of my instructors is always after my hair, since hers is pin, pin straight (I've known all of my instructors for years even before I started college so it's not weird....)
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