Hey everyone. I don't know what to do with my 3b/3c hair, because I've never been taught how and I'm only 12. It's gets so frizzy! And whenever it's not, is when it's in a messy bun, or when it's in a wash n go with tons of gel. I hate using gel because it's crunchy,
But I need something moisturizing and thick that will hold my curls
My mom has curly hair too (both my parents are mixed) but she doesn't wear it out or know what to do, so no help there. And my dad grew up with his African american mother, so they think I should use grease, but it's too oily help please!!!
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My suggestion would be to get on youtube and subscribe to Waterlily716 (or just watch her videos on her channel). She has great videos on how to conditioner wash and style your hair since you don't have anybody to physically show you how to do your hair. I'm also bi-racial (my dad is African American, my mom is white) and what works best for my hair and other curly girls hair is lots and lots of conditioner. your mom probably buys a lot of your products so some cheaper products to get at WalMart or Target would be Suave Naturals conditioners, Garnier Fructics Pure and Clean hair gels and LA Looks gel. gels also give my hair the crunchy feeling but after your hair is dry you just have to scrunch some of it out. And the key is to put your products in your hair when it's soaking wet, right out of the shower then don't touch it again until it dries to prevent frizz. Hope that helps!
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